About Regia Group

The REGIA GROUP d.d. company was established in 1996 as the legal successor of Avtohiša Ljubljana, a company with more than 40 years of tradition in the automotive field. As a result of a clearly defined vision and constant investment in the professional development of personnel, the company has grown and developed successfully, and gradually directed its investments to other areas of business and foreign markets. The key areas of activity of the REGIA GROUP d.d. are execution of MOT tests, the development of new programs as well as assuring the solvency and liquidity of companies.


The company is organized into six departments:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Real estate
  • IT services
  • Marketing

Our mission

The REGIA GROUP d.d. directs its subsidiaries to achieve above-average returns and care for customers within the industries in which they operate.

In all of our companies we strive to satisfy and exceed the expectations of clients, owners and business partners, and to create attractive opportunities for recruiting the best employees. Our fundamental goal was and remains to provide customer satisfaction, and indirectly to value the company’s assets.

Fundamental business orientations

  • Our business is aimed at achieving business goals and the satisfaction of customers, business partners, owners and employees.
  • The business is led by ethical principles, reliability, respect and honesty in relation to customers, business partners, employees and owners.
  • As employees of the REGIA GROUP d.d. we constantly strive to improve the quality of our business by developing our knowledge, encouraging innovation and teamwork, and caring for the transfer of knowledge between colleagues.
  • The integrity of our offer is assured due to close cooperation with business partners, and we are constantly looking for even better solutions for achieving business excellence.
  • We are a company that has a fair relationship with owners, which is reflected in the increase in the value of the company’s assets and the regular payment of dividends.


REGIA GROUP d.d. is one of the leading companies conducting technical inspections and registration of motor vehicles in Slovenia. Our goal is to ensure safe driving for our customers, as well as friendly and easy access to services and information related to their vehicles. We help customers reduce vehicle ownership costs.

Technical inspections are carried out for passenger cars, tractors and tractor attachments, mopeds, motorcycles, trailers and transport vehicles having up to a total weight of 3500 kg.

We invite you to visit one of our business locations, where our highly qualified staff will carry out a technical inspection and happily advise you about the safety of your vehicle.



We care for your safety. We ensure that our customers are safe on the road and that they return home safely. We offer a wide range of automotive, property, accident, life and travel insurances, which ensure that you will always be on the safe side of adverse events.

Our experienced insurance agents will be happy to listen and to advise you, and adapt insurance coverage to your needs and expectations. We provide a wide and comprehensive range of insurance services in cooperation with the most important insurance companies.



The automotive is our mission and passion. Citroën, Dacia, Nissan, Opel, Renault and Peugeot are trademarks we have been living and growing with for decades. We have been present from the very beginning of the automotive industry in Slovenia. With over 40 years of tradition, we now offer a complete range of services in the field of sales and service of new and used vehicles, including the supply of automotive parts and accessories.



The real estate programme includes investments into real estate projects, the development of new and existing real estate projects as well as investments in companies specializing in real estate engineering services.

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